How to become a learning teacher

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Being a teacher isn’t always easy. Between the time spent actually teaching and the time spent preparing for it and giving extra help to students, there isn’t always a lot of time left over. Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on our students’ learning that we forget to focus on our own learning- which isn’t usually a focus for most teachers.

For learning teachers, it isn’t just about coming to work and teaching your students each day. It’s about continuing to challenge yourself and continuing to learn throughout your career. For many teachers, their own learning process for teaching is relegated to whatever challenges you face each day in the classroom, along with a few professional development days scattered throughout the year. For learning teachers…

  • Information is always shared and accessible
  • Individuals are expected to learn constantly
  • Mistakes or failures are not punished, but seen as part of the learning process
  • Learning is emphasized and valued.

Learning teachers value learning as a part of their career, so they…

  • Participate in continuous learning programs to improve their teaching, broaden their knowledge base, and help make themselves and their colleagues more effective
  • Promote,facilitate, and reward collective learning
  • Integrate evaluation into all aspects of their learning programs.

It might seem a little silly to even ask that question, because why would you really want to stop learning anyway? Today’s infographic takes a look at 7 different benefits of maintaining a culture of learning as professionals.

  • Promotes innovation
  • Free flow of information
  • Everyone’s ideas and perspectives are appreciated
  • Allows the school to attract and retain the best teachers and staff
  • Improved social interaction and interpersonal skills in teachers and staff
  • Promotes a sense of ownership and appreciation among teachers and staff
  • Everyone is encouraged to improve their personal skills and qualities.



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